Business Meetings

Business Meeting for July  following the meeting at 7PM.
All are welcome.




  1. Treasurer’s Report: $313.00. No distributions in May
  2. New Members: Welcome Daniel S./Elizabeth/Patrick
  3. Friday night coverage for 7/2 & 7/9 resolved.
  4. New Rotation: August 1 – October 31:
    Monday Reflections: Mitch
    Tuesday Step/Tradition: Connie (Tradition last Tues.)
    Wednesday Big Book: Jeanne
    Thursday Discussion:
    Friday Open:
    Saturday Beginners: Margarita
    Sunday Topic: Bob
  5. Step Meeting: It was discussed and decided that the Step Meeting can be formatted with or without an invited speaker. The leader can take that role, if desired.Richie suggested that the Step be read in its entirety from the Twelve & Twelve.  After the discussion it was decided the Step would be read and the last Sunday of each month would be a Tradition Meeting, corresponding with the month.
  6. Cliff will be Chairperson starting with the August 25th Meeting.
  7. Matt B will be Secretary starting with the August 25th Meeting.


  1. It was suggested and passed that contribution on behalf of the Cherry Grove Off-Island Group be made to AA World Services, Suffolk Intergroup Association, NY Intergroup.
  2. It was suggested and decided that $200 be kept in prudent reserve and the rest be distributed to those groups.
  3. It was suggested and decided that the group would begin using the “new” Preamble, “…people…” replacing “…men and women…”
  4. Begin each meeting by stating that this is “An Open Meeting” of Alcoholics Anonymous.
  5. It was suggested that we discuss whether we will have closed meetings of not at our next business meeting.
  6. Reading of the “Blue Card” of Alcoholics Anonymous


  1. Current Balance of $200 as a Prudent Reserve
  2. $131 Distributed to AAWS.


  1. New Terms begin on Sunday, August 1:
    1. Sunday Discussion – Bob A.
    2. Monday Reflections – Mitch M./Matthew P.
    3. Tuesday Step – Connie R. with Dwight W. as Back-up
    4. Wednesday Big Book – Jeanne F.
    5. Thursday Topic
    6. Friday Speaker
    7. Saturday Beginners – Margarita
    8. Group Chairperson – Cliff Q.
    9. Group Secretary – Matt B.
    10. Treasurer – Ray B.
    11. Web Updates – Ray B.
    12. Group Member List – Ray B.
  2. Confirm Leadership; discuss any openings for Thursday and Friday
  3. Margarita’s suggestions for Beginner’s Meeting:
    • “I will be chairing the Beginner’s Meeting starting on Saturday, August 7. During my first five years in AA, I attended an AA meeting which used the following format. It helped me a lot staying sober as a newcomer. I wanted to bring this to the business meeting before going ahead; it is a little bit different than what we have been doing.
    • “It would be a two-part meeting. First half focusing on the signs and symptoms of alcoholism. The second half on the tools of recovery.
    • “Topics include in the active disease would be the disease concept, denial/blaming, obsession/compulsion, progression, relapse.
    • “Topics included in the recovery tools would include meetings, the telephone, sponsorship, service, slogans.
    • “The chairperson would call to/ask for volunteers to share their experience strength and hope with each topic.”
  4. Blue Card: “The 1987 General Service Conference made this statement available as an A.A. service piece for those groups who wish to use it.
    • Blue Card: “Open Meeting“: “This is an open meeting of Alcoholics Anonymous. We are glad you are all here–especially newcomers. In keeping with our singleness of purpose and our Third Tradition which states that “The only requirement for AA membership is a desire to stop drinking,” we ask that all who participate confine their discussion to their problems with alcohol.”
    • Blue Cars: “Closed Meeting“: “This is a closed meeting of Alcoholics Anonymous. In support of A.A.’s singleness of purpose, attendance at closed meetings is limited to persons who have a desire to stop drinking. If you think you have a problem with alcohol, you are welcome to attend this meeting. We ask that when discussing our problems, we confine ourselves to those problems as they relate to alcoholism.”
  5. Discussion on group “Open” and/or “Closed” meeting status.
  6. Script for Meetings
  7. Adjourn